Subdivisions, apartments, villas.
It can realize the need for regular charging of electric vehicles, which is convenient and fast, and improves the convenience of life and work.

With the rapid growth of electric vehicle sales worldwide, home/residential electric vehicle charging is the most popular application scenario for our retail customers, and residential owners are finally realizing that implementing electric vehicle charging infrastructure can attract residents, increase property values and generate revenue. Our home EV chargers are fast, safe and cost effective.

We meet your residential charging needs

  • Attract and Retain Residents

    For residents in apartments, condominiums, and multifamily units, having an EV charging station in the residential area is all about convenience. Invest in property convenience help retain residents.

  • Increase Property Value

    Installing EV charging stations in apartment complexes and condo properties increases property value, attracts and retains residents, and differentiates themselves in a highly competitive housing market.

  • Meet Sustainability Goals

    Residential building owners can showcase their commitment to sustainability and meet regulatory requirements. A healthy and comfortable living space is essential to all residents’ mental and physical well-being.

  • Safe

    The protection level is IP55, supporting lightning protection, undervoltage protection, leakage protection, overcurrent protection, grounding protection and other protection,Our electric car chargers ensure your charging environment is safe and reliable.

  • Convenient

    Small size, exquisite appearance, easy installation, simple operation, users can complete charging, payment and other operations, suitable for all kinds of AC charging places. Support 4G, LAN, Bluetooth and other communication methods

  • Intelligent control

    Support 4G, LAN, Bluetooth and other communication methods; Bluetooth upgrade, intelligent anti-theft, reservation charging, one-button start and stop.

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