American all-in-one DC charging pile

It is mainly applied to the rapid charging of electric vehicles in the United States, with functions such as human-computer interaction, card swiping, billing, settlement, remote control, etc. It can meet the input requirements of the American standard power grid, and can automatically match the charging voltage of different vehicles, covering the charging requirements of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and other models.

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Charging interface dual charger
Dimension 900mm*800mm*1439mm
Touch screen 8 inches
Standard charger wire 7.5m*2
Input voltage 480V±15%
AC grid frequency 45~65Hz
Access mode Three phase five wire system
Maximum output power 240kW
Output voltage 100~1000V
Output current 0~400A
Power factor(P≥50%) ≥0.99
Efficiency (full power operation) ≥95%
Reference standard GB/T 18487.1-2015, GB/T 18487.2-2017, GB/T 27930-2015, GB/T 20234.1-2015, GB/T 20234.3-2015, NB/T 33001-2018, NB/T 33008.1-2018, GB 4208-2017
Other functions Background monitoring, remote upgrade, equipment self-test, big data analysis, dual gun charge, dual machine charge, operation management, slugging linkage and other functions
Protection function Cloud platform layer: fault warning, advance treatment; Pile data interworking, two-way safety check; Charging historical data analysis, big data protection.
System layer: battery voltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, reverse connection, reverse charge protection, input overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection to the ground, emergency shutdown protection, insulation alarm protection, fault state warning.
component layer: charging connector temperature protection, module overheating protection, electronic lock protection, lightning protection, leakage protection, door protection.
Communication interface 2G/3G/4G/LAN
Heat dissipation mode Air cooling
Ingress protection IP55
Operating temperature -30℃~+55℃
Relative humidity 5~95%
Altitude ≤2500m
Noise ≤65dB
Apply Medium heavy card/mining card/sanitation

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