20KW all-in-one DC charger

This product is mainly used in the charging service of new energy vehicles with small battery capacity, such as private cars, light trucks, etc., it has a wide charging voltage range, small body and easy installation (support two installation modes: column type and wall-mounted type).

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Product feature

1. One-button operation, simple, economical, durable, safe and reliable;

2. Bluetooth pairing VIN code, that is, plug and charge, noble exclusive;

3. The mobile phone controls the charging process and checks charging information.


Ac input voltage 323~437VAC;380VAC
Ac input frequency 45~55Hz;50Hz
Output power 0~20kW
Output voltage 200~750VDC
Constant power range 450~750VDC
Output current 0~44.4A
Power factor 0.99 (full load)
Peak efficiency 93%
Reference standard GB/T 20234.1-2015, GB/T20234.3-2015, GB/T 27930-2015, GB/T 18487.1-2015, NB/T 33001-2018
Body size 630mm*393mm*145mm
Package size 838mm*488mm*375mm
weight 33kg
Cable length of the charging gun 5m
Input line length Non-standard arrangement
Access mode Three phase four wire
Intelligent control Bluetooth upgrade, intelligent anti-theft, reservation charging, one-button start and stop
Protection design Over voltage protection, under voltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, ground protection, over temperature protection, low temperature protection, lightning protection, electric shock protection double insulation
Communication interface Bluetooth or 4G
Noise ≤65dB
Heat dissipation mode Forced air cooling
Ingress protection IP54
Operating temperature -30~50℃(Intelligent anti-overtemperature protection)
Relative temperature 5%~95%
Altitude temperature 2000m
Atmospheric pressure 70~106KPa
Applicable environment Large shopping malls, office buildings, residential areas and other ground and underground parking

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