SEG120L2 charging pile is dual charger.

With modular design, this series of products integrates the functions of charging interface, human-computer interaction interface, charging machine, communication, metering and other components, with the characteristics of convenient installation and debugging, simple operation and maintenance.

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Product feature

It can be fixed in large parking lots, residential areas, shopping malls, hospitals, transfer stations, airports, docks, parks, scenic spots and so on.


Charging power 120kW
Input voltage 380/480VAC±15%
Frequency 50/60Hz±10%
Output voltage 200~750VDC
Maximum output current Single charger 250A
Charging efficiency ≥95% (peak efficiency)
Power factor ≥99%
Charging interface 2
Screen size 8 inches
Charging protocol GB/T27930
Support background OCPP 1.6, TCP
Charging method Swipe the card, plug in and charge
Temperature range -30-55℃
Ingress protection IP55
Noise ≤65dB
Environmental adaptability High temperature, high cold, high humidity, high altitude, high salt spray
Size (LWH) 700mm﹡515mm﹡1753mm

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