Overhead automatic charging system

Overhead automatic charging system

The self-developed automatic charging system has the characteristics of fast charging, good security and high degree of intelligence. After the vehicle is parked in the charging parking space, automatic docking can be completed in 10 seconds. 15 minutes of charging can increase the driving range of 100 kilometers, and the vehicle will be fully charged within 1 hour.

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Product Feature

Forward-looking design,Intelligent "Second Charge"

Extremely fast charging

It can be fast charged at 1000A, more than 3 times faster than the charging gun.

Fully automatic

One-button automatic charging, vehicle fault tolerance is ±22cm

High security

Personnel do not need to operate high-pressure components, the strength of the skeleton structure can meet the level 12 typhoon conditions.

One-button charging

To charge, press, one button is done! No more dragging dirty and heavy charging guns.

"Three-dimensional and two-layers" charging safety protection system

 The leading "three-dimensional and two-layer" protection system provides extreme protection for charging safety from remote protection and local protection of automatic charging system, making charging safer.

Automatic charging for easy work

Real-time display of vehicle panoramic dynamic guidance screen to assist drivers to park accurately. After parking in place, the driver only needs to operate with one button, which is safe and agile.

Application range

New energy charging piles are mainly used to provide charging services for new energy vehicles such as electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. Its application scope includes but is not limited to the following aspects:

1. Public charging facilities: New energy charging piles can be installed in public parking lots, gas stations, commercial areas, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, public transportation stations and other public places to meet the charging needs of users of new energy vehicles in different areas and places.

2. Private charging facilities: New energy charging piles can also be installed in private places such as individual houses, villas, neighborhoods, companies, office buildings, industrial parks, etc. to provide exclusive charging services for individuals and enterprises.

3. Public transportation charging facilities: New energy charging piles can also be used for the charging needs of public transportation, such as electric buses, electric cabs, electric logistics vehicles, etc.

4. Charging facilities in other special places: New energy charging piles can also be used in some special places, such as highway service areas, tourist attractions, parking lots, parking buildings, charging stations, etc., to provide charging services for users of new energy vehicles in specific places.


Overhead automatic charging system
Rated output power 120kW/160kw 360kW/420kW/600kW
Input voltage 380V±15%
Output voltage 200~750A 150~1000A
Output current Max 600A Max 1000A
Starting mode One key docking, automatic charging
Automatic docking time <10s
Docking tolerance ±100mm ±200mm
Interface temperature control Temperature<80K
Working temperature -30~55°C

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