Intelligent collector system

The product is suitable for trams and trolleybuses. It is a key component for vehicles to obtain electric energy from the overhead contact grid. It has intelligent functions such as off-grid early warning, off-grid automatic lowering pole, etc., which can effectively guarantee the safety of vehicle operation.

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Product Feature

1.Multi-level insulation and isolation design to avoid electric shock for drivers and passengers, which is safer;

2.Off-grid alarm, automatically and quickly lower the pole and return to the center, avoiding collision with the surrounding environment objects, which is safe and reliable;

3.Equipped with multiple protections, such as overload, short circuit, lightning protection, insulation detection , etc., which is more secure,

4.The structural parts have passed the 720h salt spray test, which have strong environmental adaptability.

5.It adopts double spring structure, and passed the fatigue test, so it is durable, and the driving stability of the vehicle is stronger;

6.Satisfy the wire network height of 4~7m, and can adapt to the height of multi-country wire network.


Collector pole
Rated voltage 750V
Rated current 150A/300A
Extend the pole length from side to side 4.5m
Adapt to the height of the wire mesh 4~7m
Free height ≤7m
Function  Lifting pole, emergency lowering pole, off-grid alarm, off-grid protection, automatic exhaust function, manual exhaust function
Protection function Lightning protection, overload, short circuit, insulation detection

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